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Warmly celebrate Tianjin Rambo successfully introduced the US imported amino acid analyzer, ion chromatograph


Warmly celebrate Tianjin Rambo successfully introduced the US imported amino acid analyzer, ion chromatograph! After more than ten years of concentrating management, Tianjin Rambo not only won the recognition and trust of users, but also attracted a large number of foreign instrument manufacturers to vote for the olive branch and to seek cooperation with Rambo. The successful introduction of the US import of amino acid analyzers and ion chromatographs has enabled Rambo's product line to be more abundant, covering almost all applications in food, medicine, agricultural products, feed, environmental protection, and chemical industries. Rambo amino acid analyzer, the most user-friendly amino acid analyzer As a senior industry leader with more than 50 years of experience in the field of liquid chromatography, Rambo's dedicated amino acid analyzer is an ingenious international brand product tailored for domestic users. Rambo has been cultivating more than 50 years in the field of chromatography. There are nearly 10,000 users in the world, including food, feed, medical quality monitoring, biochemical research, clinical research and other production and life fields. It can be said that there are Lanbo chromatographs in the place where there is chromatogram. . The Rambo's amino acid analyzer based on an in-depth understanding of user needs is even more superior. The Rambo Amino Acid Analyzer adopts the most advanced design concept and manufacturing process. It is believed that with its stable performance, easy-to-operate human-computer interaction interface and powerful data analysis and processing system, it will lead the new development of amino acid analyzer. ?I hope that the Lamborg Amino Acid Analyzer can serve new and old users in more fields! ???Rambo ion chromatograph will also meet with users in the same period, so stay tuned! !

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